Upgrade 940 black or not?

Ok, so FF14 is coming out soon, and like so many others I am definately going to play that game. Only thing I am not sure on is if it will have SLI support as the benchmark program definitely does not. Since I happen to have money laying around I am thinking about going from 2x5770's to a single 480

Question is, if my 940 Black Edition Am2+ can really deal with a Fermi to be a significant upgrade.

It is within my budget to build an intel machine (920 or 930) which I am seriously considering.

Anyways, short version. Here is what I have:

Phenom II 940 Black Edition OC'd to 3.5 on a Gigabyte AM2+ board
8 Gig's 800 mhz DDR2 RAM
Corsair Tx-750 PSU

Will taking out the 2x 5770's and throwing in a Fermi work, or will I get CPU Bottle Necked? (The Ram not being ddr3 does kinda concern me but oh well) Of course, if FF14 will support SLI/X-Fire (Which I am not holding my breath on, MMO's do -not- seem to handle that well for some reason) then this is a non-issue but I still think a single Fermi will do better than the two 5770's anyways.
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  1. Forgot to mention, I have a 28" monitor and run at 1920x1080
  2. Going from 2 x HD5770 crossfire setup to a single GTX480 is not a massive upgrade. You already have a setup that performs on level with HD5870.
    The 940@ 3.5 is still a good CPU.
  3. No, not worth the upgrade. You have a very good PC. That X4 940 is still an excellent performer, so don't waste your money on upgrades, at least not this year.
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    2x5770 is equal to or greater than a 5870, the 480 is equal to or greater than the 5870, so you wont see much improvement, maybe 5-10%. and the 940 at 3.5 is capable of handling just about everything easily, it wont bottleneck anything really.
  5. wait until bulldozer or the new intel 32 nm cpus come out. so next year pretty much.
  6. Your system is actually in good shape. Before you jump at any upgrades you'll want to know how FF14 handles CF 5770s.
    If it scales up nicely there's no reason to upgrade. If the CF performance is similar to a single 5770 then you have a good case for thinking about an upgrade.
  7. Well I went ahead and got one a (480) anyways, just because I have the funds -now- and a single card solution is almost always more efficient than SLI since many games MMO's especially are not the best with SLI. If it cooks itself, I will still have the 5770's to use while EVGA sends me a replacement :) Good to know that my 940 is still holding up ok though.
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