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Hello, I wonder if anyone could help, I have a new motherboard and need to install the drivers. Something wierd is happening over at the ASUS site because because when I go to the relevant product page there's no information or downloads, everythings blank. The instalation disc I got with the board dosen't support 64 bit operating sytems.
Here's the link for my motherboard. Do me a favour and if you can read it clearly and there is information would you let me know and maybe suggest why I can't see anything. If it is blank for you, any suggestions on how I'm supposed to install my drivers and get updates?...cheers

Edit: I can download an update for the missing driver via the device manager, but the only one available says vista at the end, I'm running Windows 64 bit, should I install that or would it be better to leave the driver missing?...
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  1. Now AVG is unable to fix the problems with the resident sheild, anti-spyware and anti-virus, is that anything to do with the missing coprocessor driver?...
  2. Quote:
    one, there is no link.
    second what drivers are you exactly looking for.?
    begin the OS install process with an active internet connection and let windows installer and windows updates find all the drivers for you during install.

    sorry about that, no wonder nobody replied!

    And I did let Windows download my drivers, it couldn't install this particular one, it's the coprocessor driver I need.
  3. umm i can help u with ur issue
  4. i have M4n82 Deluxe on 64 bit Phenom II 980
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