Intel d510 v celeron 420

What would be the difference in power in these cpu's ? I am looking for a comparison but can't find.
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  1. Power can be two things.
    1: performance:
    Clock-per-clock, I believe a celeron core is faster. However, the Atom is a dual core. That will make it more powerful for most tasks.

    Here's a benchmark of a single core atom vs a single core celeron. Note that you are comparing a dual core atom to a single core celeron:

    Based on this, I have changed my mind. It appears that clock-per-clock, the atom is so terrible next to the celeron, that the single core celeron is better.,1947-9.html

    2: power consumption:

    13W TDP atom vs 35W TDP celeron. The atom has lower power consumption.
  2. Hello lkstamenov;

    Anandtech had a good review on the Atom D510 and use the Celeron 420 in the benchmark comparisons. Read it here.

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