Which motherboard?

For mild gaming (cod4) and not needing crossfire, and keeping cost under $100, which mobo is best for an X3 440? Must be capable of unlocking cores tho I realize it may not happen.

Gigabyte GA-770T - $80 Pro: USB3 Con: Doesn't unlock cores (is this true?)

Asus M4A77TD - $85 Pro: Easy core unlock Con: Max ram 1066 w/out OC, No USB3

Gigabyte GA-770TA - $90. Pro: USB3 Con: Slow to boot Win7 (is this true?)

I would jump on the 770TA but slow Win boot scares me off. I don't want to put together a new machine and wait forever like I already do on my current single core 1.8 w/XP.

Thanks for any advice!
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  1. i would personally go for this one:

    http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813131398 - 99$ Pros- better chipset, integrated graphics, good at unlocking, asus quality (both asus and gigabyte are good, but asus is usually higher quality), and can go up to 1600 ram, 1800 via oc, ATX, 2 2.0 pci-e slots... cons- no U3S6, but its 20$ more expensive brother has them, and a bit more pricey...although i have used it, and u can tell from the 450+ review others have, and it has worked good for me in all the builds i used it in...hope this helped :)
  2. Thanks for your suggestion!

    My only apprehension about this is you must manually adjust the ram voltage. I've never built before and want this as easy as possible.
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