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Hello everyone, I'm considering on buying a Thermaltake Element S or a Thermaltake Element G in the near future and I wanted to get your opinions.

Are they worth the money? they cost roughly 130$-150$.

I'm also looking for other better cases in that price range.

and also: my current case, a thermaltake WingRS301 (a budget case) doesn't fit those large CPU coolers. It's dimensions are: [H*W*L]16.5 x 7.5 x 18.8 in
I'm wondering if the coolers would fit in the element series: 19.9(H) x 9.1(W) x 21.3(L) in

I also need a case with better airflow because hot air gets stuck in between my 2 Radeon 5770s

thanks in advance
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  1. The extra 1.6" in width is going to help with the cooler. Are they worth the money is based on what you think.
  2. I would go for the wider of the two. But honestly, I'd prefer a CoolerMaster Scout than either of them. The scout has very impressive airflow and loads of room for modding and expansion.
  3. i looked into these 2 just yesterday, and they are decent, but lack some quality, and dont keep things as cool as they seem. at that price range, it is a much better idea to get a HAF 932/922, the coolermaster scout, or coolermaster storm sniper.
  4. the HAF 922 looks good, I'd go for that if I can't find a thermaltake element S with the 230mm side fan, apparently it's an optional part (although thermaltake's website has photos of it, I can't seem to find reviews that has the 230mm side panel installed.. maybe it's hard to find).
    The front fan on the HAF doesn't look too efficient for me, is it meant for the HDDs? I like the fact that the Element S's HDD rack can be removed (gives better airflow maybe??) and air from the fans up front can circulate inside the case, not sure how much that would help my 5770's close together.
    but as I have said, if I can't get one of those Element S that have the 230mm side fan, I'm going for the HAF 922.

    more opinions still welcome though :))
  5. the 922 has more room and airflow than the element s. costs less too, and has better build quality. also, by adding a 200 mm fan on the side of the haf 922, it increases air flow even more. id buy this:

    still cheaper, but gets MUCH more airflow. and most cases have a front fan, it cools the hdds, and helps create a vortex over the cpu, mobo , video card, and other components.
  6. I recommend the HAF 922, I'm not sure if there are a lack of Dust Filters, but if there are, find something that will filter them. Also, purchase the 200mm fans on the side.

    I personally recommend the CM690 II as I find it a really good case. If you do plan to get it, put as many fans as possible to maximize cooling. It has decent dust protection so it's good.

    The Thermaltake Armor A90 is a decent take IMO if you do not wish to purchase too many fans or you want to go simple and good. You can purchase a 200mm fan and replace the front 120mm fan to the side where you will have adequate cooling.

    The Thermaltake V9 is good as I heard from a friend as it has somewhat good fan cooling.
  7. ^+1000 the CM 690 II Black, the storm sniper, the V9, and the HAF 922 are some of the best cases all around, by far.
  8. No personal experience with Thermaltake cases but every review i read on any case by them puts question mark on their build quality and noise.. Can't put a thumbs down though as again, have not experienced in person.. Personally, i would recommend the CM Storm Sniper Black Edition.. Tons of room, awesome airflow and a great design.. Its a little over your budget but its worth it.. If you absolutely need to stay in your budget then the CM 690 II Advanced gets my vote..
  9. ^+7, IMO, Storm Sniper Black Edition is one of the best cases out there, by far. and newegg has it on sale now, 129.99$.
  10. oh thanks for introducing me to the CM 690 II, it looks good too, cheaper than the element S, but almost has the same features.. heres my plan so far:
    I'd go for the 690 II Advanced, then I'd go for the HAF(if 690 II is not available), then lastly the Element S(hopefully with the side fan)

    another thing: would putting a lot of fans eat up a lot of wattage from my psu? I think my psu is just enough for safe operation of my 2 vga's
  11. No problems with more fans.. Your PSU will run them fine.. Although the system will get more noisy.. BTW, ares has posted about the Sniper black edition being available for 129$.. Its a steal at that price.. Better get that.. Its way superior than the 690 in every department be it cooling, spacing cable management etc..etc..etc.. Get that.. You wont ever need to add any more fans to it..
  12. okay, It's either the 690 II advanced or the HAF 922 for me. the sniper is hard to find here at my current location so it's probably out of the question. anyway, people seem to prefer the HAF for it's honeycomb grills, which can move more volumes of air than the 690's mesh design. I want a case that has superior airflow because my system gets very hot especially because I'm in tropical weather ambient temps top off at 38 *C in summer. I'm planning ahead here: it doesn't seem like that CM included a dust filter for the HAF 922 so I'm planning to make a temporary filter made out of stockings or some fine material when I buy the case?

    more suggestions are still welcome before I go out and buy a case probably in a week or two from now.
  13. Pay a look to the Antec 902.. It has equally good airflow and includes dust filters.. May be a bit noisy at medium or high fan settings though..
  14. could someone give me a comparison between the HAF 922 and CM storm sniper?? They look almost identical to me.
    I guess it just boils down to personal preference then.. I think... lol I think I'll go for the HAF unless someone convinces me to buy the Sniper instead :pt1cable:
  15. the sniper is slightly bigger, has better cable management, blue leds, has a knob on the front for led on/off, and fan speed, and has a black interior.
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