Radeon EyeFinity6 Review



Absolutely Beautiful Videos:)


I hope they make skinnier Monitor sides for this, I hate those black lines...the annoy the hell out of me sometimes :fou:
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  1. To be honest, they need to make standalone 2GB cards. The extra memory definitely helps it.

    Can't wait for bezel-compensation.
  2. ATI has been working on this for 7 months ? " The Card is a total failure"
    500 dollars and it sucks at playing games. Requires more luck than winning a lottery to get it going only to realize the whole experience is cr*p.
  3. you know what it doesn't bother me, things come at a price if you expect to be ontop of the public.

    You knew what you were getting into when your buying the card:)
  4. I'd love to try out the 6 Hi-Def projector idea. Anyone have an auditorium I could borrow and is it possible to upscale a DVD (or Blu-Ray for that matter) to 5760x2160? :pt1cable:

    -Wolf drools.
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