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I'm looking at getting a SST-TJ08B and just wanted to make sure that an ATI 5850 HD would fit in the case and see if anyone else had any other suggestions of cases that are about this size that are available in the Uk.
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  1. the 5850 is decent size, 9.5"

    you could probably squeeze it in there, just don't put a HDD opposite it.
  2. If I'm reading the spec sheet off of Silverstone's site, it supports cards up to 11.5'' long:

    The review may be in German, but these guys had an 8800 GTX in the case:
  3. NewEgg customer reviews for the SILVERSTONE TJ08 show one owner managed to get a 5870 and a Corsair H50 CPU cooler installed in his.
    User: Fozzie @ 1/27/2010 7:43:45 PM
  4. Thanks for all the help guys.
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