Thermaltake V1 weight/torque issues

Hi all...
I'm about to head to Microcenter to get some new parts for my new PC. My neighbor had won a Thermaltake V1 cpu cooler, and let me use it. It's able to be used for AMD socket 939..and for various Intel chipsets, including the new 1366...

So, I was looking at getting an AMD Phenom IIx4 cpu...but with this fan saving me cost, I might look at the Intel i7 the V1 doesnt seem to be compatible with the A3 socket...there is a kit included in the box to use with the Intel 1366 socket...

But I took this cooler out of the box, and holy cow! It's a bit weighty...and it's about 6 inches long! I'm just afraid that there will be a lot of torque on the clamps and on one particular side of the cpu.

Anyone had any issues with this cooler? Thoughts? If not a good cooler, I'll get the AMD chipset and buy a fan/cooler...I'm hoping to get a quick response so I can leave in about 45 minutes :)
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  1. I have experience with ThermalTake however not this model, but the principle thing is those crappy little plastic push pin connectors. Personally I wouldn't buy another ThermaTake cooler unless it had a better form of attachment.
  2. I have owned one of these for 3 years and it just died (slowly). I agree with canadian69 I would never buy a cooler for a 775/1155/1156 that uses the crappy plastic mounts.

    Anyway the fan bearings have crapped out after 3 years. Also I found that the cooling capability fluctuated a lot (I think its the mounts) and towards the end of its life (after 2 years say) the CPU was running temps of 55 Degrees C idle and 60-70+C under moderate load, all the while fan speed was at near max (18000 RPM).

    I have just replaced with a Xigmatec Gaia (for 1/2 the price) which has an awesome mounting design (using plates) and great airflow capability.

    Temps back down in the low 40's and at 100% CPU for 1 hour runs 61 degrees C max.

    Note I am running a Q6660 @ 3.3 GHz. OC.
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