Motherboard usb help please!

Hello everyone. I just recently bought a new motherboard after my old one failed. Its an Evga p55 V micro atx board. Everything runs fine, its just i cant get my netgear wna1100 wireless adapter to to become recognized in the usb port.

every time i try to connect the usb to the back ports it stays connected for about 1 minute then disconnects and windows says, "device isn't properly connected or may be broken. I replaced the netgear adapter and still this happens. Now windows says that the device cannot be recognized. What boggles me even more is that my mouse and keyboard usb work fine and i tried switching them and even using the front panel.

Could my motherboard not be compatible with netgear? cause it worked fine on my gigabyte before it failed. I have tried re-installing windows if that helps.

Please help me, i don't know what to do.
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  1. Some of the USB wireless connectors must have their software/drivers installed before you attach the device to the USB port. Try installing the software and driver - then attach it to the USB port.
  2. Ive tried reinstalling the netgear software many times already and that has not worked. Ive also completely removed it from the computer and reinstalling it as well
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