New System - Crucial C300 SSD Showing Bad Sectors

Hi All,

Just built a new system a few weeks ago. Picked up a Crucial C300 256GB SSD from Newegg as my boot drive. The new drive seems to be working fine but I have a concern. For the first time, yesterday I downloaded and ran HD Tune Pro 4.01. When selecting my SSD and choosing the Health tab, I am being told the following...

Reallocated sector count is 9 and status is "warning"

When i select the reallocated sector count, on the bottom of the screen it says "Number of damaged sectors which have been replaced: 9 ... The drive has damaged sectors."

I only have about 2 more days to RMA the drive with newegg. From doing a little online searching i have found some sources stating that you can expect anywhere between 2% and 5% of your SSD to have bad sectors from the manufacturer. Is this true? Do "all" SSDs have some bad sectors? Should I RMA mine? What would you do if you sunk $680 plus tax for this drive to have it show bad sectors from the get go? Should my SSD typically have no bad sectors?

Your comments are greatly appeciated!
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  1. Did you contact Crucial? They should know if it's normal or not.
  2. I did contact Crucial. The tech i got didnt know, so he asked someone else and came back and said that yes it's normal. Wasn't very convincing.
  3. I dont know. I dont believe that all ssds have bad sectors. I own 2 ssds(intel 80g gen2 and an intel 40g x25m) and Ive never had bad sectors using intels ssd toolbox. The ssd market has been flooded with new ones and they look tempting with their fast writes but honestly you cannot trust any ssd other than intel. Theres a reason that they are the best. RMA it!
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