L3 Cache unable to enable

My X3 435 is unlocked and clocked to 3.5Ghz, but for some reason I cant enable L3 cache, tried the bsp only and all cores options in bios but no luck, Im listed as a Deneb once unlocked so what, if anything am I missing?
I kept meaning to look into enabling it but only got round to trying this morning
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  1. Strange Wr2 posted a reply and I went off to try what he suggested, come back and his replies gone lol, well, Yup, I changed the acc feature to auto instead of all cores that i normally have it set on but no luck still no L3,
    Meh, I guess Ill live without the L3 then :P Thanks for the help tho Wr2
  2. Sorry about that;
    Was off checking another source about how many X3 435/440 un-lockers were also getting the L3 cache to show.
  3. It appears that you have a Deneb with faulty L3 cache hence the reason that it was sold as a X3 435 Rana..better luck next time at least it let you unlock the other core
  4. I think this is the THG article I linked in: The 'New' Athlon II X3
  5. I'll check what it is before unlocking, might be a Rana, back in 5
  6. back, Yup, my chip is a Rana before unlocking, oh well :P seeing as I was unaware of all this unlocking malarkey when I bought it, i consider myself very lucky to have got one that unlocks Ct :P
    Thanks for the help guys, especially Wr2, running all over the T'intermaweb to find out stuff for me.
  7. And where's best answer gone to? i can't select anything as best answer lol, But in the absence of the button, I Hail Wr2 as Best,Thanks man
  8. Here is the webpage I was trying to find this morning.
    Good explanation of the Propus/Deneb cores used to get X3 parts. Interesting CPU die shots included.

    If you're curious about how much improvement the 4th core unlock gets you check this AnandTech Bench comparison.

    You opened this thread as a 'Discussion' topic and not a 'Question' topic which is why the Best Answer button is missing.
    Can't say if it's possible to go back and edit that option.
  9. Sorry dude, maybe a Mod can give you the points for getting best answer nod? I'll be more careful in future :P
    The Anandtech link was handy, but I cant compare 'before and after' as the X4 b35 isnt listed, but I know I've got a 20% clock out of it so for my first build I'm happy hehe, just never got around to checking out the L3 before, been too busy.
    Thanks again for all your help man,
  10. Don't worry about it. Just glad to help out.

    Getting an extra core and 20% overclock really is a good value for a $75 CPU.
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