New machine, Booting fine, buts hows "Hard disk not detected"

Hi built a new machine-
i7 930
asus P6x58D premium
6 gb ram
geforce 8800 gts 320mb
WD black 1 TB
WD Green 1 TB
Creative Audigy 4 soundcard
Windows 7 64 bit.

Installed few drivers from ASUS CD and creative cd, downloading geforce driver as cd has support only till Vista.
Have installed
intel chipset,
Asus TurboV
USB 3.0
Marvell YUkon Gigabyte Ethernet

But every time i Boot, it SHOW ASUS Express Gate, stops there for 10 secs.
THEN shows a message-
Initialising ........"Disk Information", then gives an error "No Hard Disk Detected" ...

after which it boots just fine...
Any ideas...

Also how do i over clock.. is there a simple way,
Last but not the least do i need any other drivers.. have bought the kaspersky anti virus, which i am installing as i speak....

Other wise Man, there is a huge-huge diff in the speeds at which the stuff is opening and running.. am actually impressed.
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  1. The "No Hard Disk Detected" message is caused by the IDE ports on the motherboard being enabled in the BIOS without having any IDE devices installed. If you don't have any IDE devices installed you can disable the IDE ports in the BIOS. The motherboard owners manual should tell you how to do it.

    We have an overclocking section of the forum. I would spend some quality time over there before jumping into overclocking. It's not that hard, but it's not something to just jump into without having a clue what you're doing either.
  2. yup, i think i will spend time there..

    and thanks for the info 'bout disabling the ide ports... will try it in a bit..
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