RealVNC is suddenly incredibly slow

I pulled out a computer that is a few years old to use as a storage server, accessing it via VNC. I was using it not too long ago with VNC and it worked fine, even with color and UI effects all set to max it was like I was at the computer and not connected over VNC. I just set it up again, connected to it once and the speed was fine, rebooted it and now it takes 10-20 seconds for any command to register on the remote computer. Clicking, typing, etc all respond incredibly slowly and it just happened out of the blue after a restart.

Anyone had this problem before or know what I could do to fix it?
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  1. Disregard this...

    Somehow the BIOS got reset during a restart and it turned off internal cpu cache for whatever reason which caused the entire system to run slow. Nothing to do with VNC or my network after all.
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