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So I've some problems with my computer overheating. I first noticed the issue a few months ago when trying to play a fairly high end game, but it's somewhat possible that this has been an issue from the beginning and I never noticed because I didn't try to run anything particularly extreme. Reducing the FPS on the game largely fixed that issue but last week I got some more high end games (Crysis and Metro 2033).

Trying to run these games now immediately causes issues and using Everest Ultimate Edition Trial I found that my individual cores (CPU#1, CPU#2, CPU#3, CPU#4) got up to around 90C, although the CPU (the one without a number next to it) still said around 40C (No clue what that means). After shutting down a game the temperatures dropped significantly, getting to around -20C, although my motherboard hovered at 90C. After not playing for a while the individual cores are around 50C, CPU is at 30C, and the motherboard is around 35C.

Here's a link to the computer I'm using that includes the specs:

I really have no idea where to begin to fix this issue and I'm obviously not particularly knowledgeable.
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  1. As in it reaches negative 20C, I'm just reading what it says.

    Also, I just started up Crysis while checking the temperature every few seconds and watching it climb consistently from 50C to 80C over the span of 3 or so minutes.

    Noticing the "Cooling Fans" part it listed:
    CPU ~2050 RPM

    This number did not change while I played, despite refreshing. That's not right is it?
  2. Alright, got it up and running.

    For the idle temperatures everything matched between the two temperature readers (~50C across the board), haven't tested a game yet though.

    EDIT: Got about the same readings as I played Crysis, slowly ramped up to ~80C at which point I closed it.
  3. Thank you so much.

    Sorry, but is that the right video? It seems to link to "How to Install IDE Cables" which seems unrelated, perhaps you could give me the correct title?
  4. I've been pretty good about cleaning the dust in the case and on the case fans, but not the CPU fans. The CPU looks pretty dirty. Do I have to worry about replacing the thermal paste even if I'm only cleaning the fan? Will the old stuff already there be alright?
  5. Thank you again,

    I'm not sure I can really get all the dust off unless I take off the fan, what would be the best way to clean it without taking it off?
  6. Alrighty, I have one so I'll try as soon as I can.

  7. I just finished cleaning out the CPU fan with the air canister and I played Crysis for at least 5 minutes (before coming back here), half that time under very high settings and it's working great!

    My CPU temp is now around 43C while playing very high settings, half of what it once was under low settings!

    Thanks so much for all your help ct1615!
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