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I recently bought some new components for my new computer. I put everything together and started the rig. I got bsod all over. Tried the memtest and got a few errors. Now i changed the ram with a spare that I had at home. Now the computer runs but there is a big problem. When i try to install win7 64 on it, it freezes at about 3% when installing(also tried vista). I thougt it was the hdd, and i switched it, but the problem is there again. I didn't change any settings in bios, so they are at default. The cd-rom is ide and set to master but i don't think that's the problem. I really don't know what could be wrong. I'm really pissed because I just bought the rig and now it doesn't work.

I7 860(Mugen2)
Patriot 2x2gb ( PSD32G13332 )
Seagate Barracuda 500gb
Antec true power 650w

I'm desperate for help!
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  1. I had the same problem on my wife's laptop after adding a 2nd HDD. I took out the new HDD and reconnected worked good thereafter.

    If I were you, I'd unplug and replug in every component. Especially check motherboard power connectors.
  2. How long do you wait for it to higher than 3%? I've seen quite a few people posting here about their installation "freezing". A lot of them just weren't waiting long enough between steps. There are points during the installation where it looks like nothing is happening. I would start the installation and walk away for 15 to 20 minutes.

    By the way, you may still be having RAM issues. Did you run Memtest86+ with the replacement RAM installed?
  3. I don't know how long, maybe 5-10min. I am installing riht now and will leave it for 15-20min. But the mouse pointer does not move while it freezes and there is no activity in the hdd or cdrom lights.

    The RAM shouldn't be an issue because it was in my friends machine and was runing just fine.

    While i'm writting this the expanding of files got to 5% (surprised). Now it's still again. I'll leave it for a while, maybe i'll get lucky:).
  4. Is runing for a while now, no change. So it's not the waiting problem. Though it would be nice if it was.

    It's strange, cause the hdd and cdrom stop at the same time. Maybe it's a faulty cdrom, but then it wouldn't even get to here. would it?
  5. How does the disk look? Also is it a legit disk?
  6. Check the disc first.. Your dvd rom's lens must have worn out.. Get a new one.. Also, did you got any problems with partition.? Try with a different partition size and don't perform a quick format..
  7. If you can, leave it on overnight...

    Sounds crazy, but windows literally took 4 hours to get beyond that screen on my friends PC. I don't know why, maybe a less than preferable CD drive? Or, if your CD is not legit [a dvd you probably burnt at max speed instead of 4x] then i would recommend buying it :)
  8. Left it today for 3 hours, and there was no change. Realy I don't think waiting is the problem. When it comes to start of copying files the disc and cdrom simultaneously stop. Tried with also vista and win7 and i get the same problem. Also tried with another cdrom(that was also ide) and nothing. I'm runing out of options. Realy don't know what else could I do. Starting to give up on everything. Maybe a new version of bios? Change the ide cable? Maybe graphics? Maybe the ram is not compatible with the board? Realy don't know where to try next.
  9. You could try performing the install with a single stick of RAM installed.
  10. I can't believe it. The thing with one single stick is working right now. Why do you think that's the problem? And how should two stick be inserted in this board?
  11. tomito53 said:
    And how should two stick be inserted in this board?

    The RAM should be installed according to the motherboard owners manual. You may also have a faulty stick. Once you get the OS installed I would go to and download an ISO image for Memtest86+. You then burn the ISO image to a CD and boot the computer from the CD. A memory test starts automatically. You should test each stick by itself and then together for at least 7 hours each.
  12. Finally i got the thing working. I put in two sticks of ram, in the 3 an 4 slot. Now it's working. I'll do the testing stuff in the evening cause I don't have time for it now, but what is important is that i got it to work. I guess this board is very sensitive with positioning of ram. My friend has told me, he also had a lot of problems with ram on this board. Hopefuly they fill fix this with a new version of bios.
  13. Here we go again. After i installed the win7 64, i got another problem. The computer is now freezing randomly or at about the same point, don't know. I thought i should flash bios, so i did this and flashed it with a new version 1408. But that didn't fix the problem. I thought i should memtest ram. I started the test and left it on, when i came back i saw that it freezed in memtest. Wow, didn't know that it could freeze there. Where do you guys think it's the problem? Maybe the graphic or ...
  14. What are your idle and load temps? Sounds like you either have a faulty stick of RAM or an overheating problem.
  15. When i look in windows it's 20-24 in idle and about 48 at load.
  16. What are you using to get the temps? Those temps aren't accurate unless you have the computer in a very cold environment. 20 C = 68 F. There's no physical way for the CPU to be under the ambient temp on air cooling.

    You can also try running Memtest86+ on each stick of RAM by itself to try to find a faulty stick.
  17. Looked for the temps in bios, it shows 35C. In the meantime i took of the cooler and tightened the screws again so the temp shoudn't be the problem. I realy doubt it's the ram either. I think it's the motherboard that's giving me problems. The ram worked well in another computer before for a year.
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