Almost to good to pass up, 256 Gig m4 $199

Tigerdirect, 256 Gig Curcial M4 for $199

On A side note - I saw the 120 gig Vertex III (not my favority) for $90, forgot where
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  1. 180 from amazon same SSD prime as well... just ordered 2, such a great deal
  2. Got the 256 M4 for $169 from Newegg last week, they seem to be pushing the price cuts.
  3. Sounds like Crucial is coming out with something new.
  4. Chief - For that past 30 days or so we have been seeing some really great sale prices - down to arround 85 cents per GB. Daily deals vary

    OCZ Agility 3 will be replaced by the Agility 4. Already listed in the ssd database but no reviews yet - just a link to the OCZ product page.

    Also looks like we have a new controller manufacturer. Not much in the way of details yet.
  5. RetiredChief said:
    Tigerdirect, 256 Gig Curcial M4 for $199

    On A side note - I saw the 120 gig Vertex III (not my favority) for $90, forgot where

    Save yourself 20 bucks chief, better hurry, today only. actually newegg is even cheaper, no sales tax
  6. This reminds of how ddr3 prices came down, I bought some and it got cheaper and I bought some more for upcoming builds, just kept getting cheaper. I picked up an M4 256 last week from Newegg for $169 -- didn't need it, but I can use it somewhere. I think we'll be seeing them under $150 soon. Looks like all that talk of a price war in SSDs may be happening with Crucial on the front lines.
  7. Homeboy2 - WOW!

    $179.99 today only with promo code 24HRSALE606D and free shipping too! :)
  8. no one else noticed that i linked a 180$ amazon link for the same SSD 2nd post w/ free shipping as well.....
  9. Yea, there is a price fluctuation with the Crucial M4 256GB. I saw the prices go up to $239.99 to $199.99. I really want to get it at $169.99, as some lucky few has gotten.
  10. ^ You all found much better price on the M4!!!.

    I have not ordered one yet as I have a 128 gig Samsung 830 that I have not installed yet. Might consider one for My laptop to replace the 128 Gig M4 (next Month), but not really pressing as my OS + programs are only eating up about 35 Gigs (not a gamer) and I have a 2nd 128 gig M4 installed in the 2nd drive Bay.
  11. I picked up a 256 GB Crucial M4 during the sale too. Can't wait to get it.
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