Connecting my gtx 280 card

my psu is coolermaster 850 and my card need one 6 pin + one 8 pin and I have in psu one cable had both and another one separate for 6 pin

is better to connect 8 pin and 6 pin from two separate cables for more power or use one cable with both ?

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  1. Your Psu should be fine for just the one card. You should use seperate 8pin and 6 pin cables. There are seperate cables on the PSU that you can use. Those are the direct lines to the power unit.
  2. Depends on what CM it is. Some have multiple rails.

    PSU model # ?
  3. real power pro 850w
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    Use the 2 separate cables. The one cable that has both connectors on it is only so that it can be used with EITHER one, NOT both. If you try to use just one cable with both connectors, it will not work.
  5. is there any harm will happen to the card if I connect one cable in both ?
  6. Probably won't hurt the card, but it may not turn on as it will not be able to get enough power through just one cable.
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