How much money should i sell my comp for?

At first i was just thinking of upgrading but I'm one of those people who always have the most top of the line system as they can afford so i want to sell this and put it towards a new build. I think that a price of 1000 dollars would be reasonable but if you think i could sell it for more or if you have any other suggestions it will be greatly appreciated

case: antec 900 2 case
mobo: msi790fx-gd70
ram: 6 gigs ddr3 1333 (3x2gb, all with aftermarket heatsinks)
cpu: amd 720 x3 be (unlocked fourth core clocked at 3.2 ghz, tuniq tower heatsink, stable at 3.6 but i prefer quietness dont like having my case fans or heatsink fan above the lowest speed)
gpu's: 2 1gb saphire 4870's (bios mod which allowed a small amount of voltage to be added to both gpu and memory)
psu: 1000 watt hec with 152 amps between 6 12v rails
hdd: 1tb western digatal 7200 rpm drive, a sata 7200 rpm 250gb hard drive and a 160gb sata 7200rpm hard drive
dvd drive: lite on
nice looking case with two sets of loygis sound activated lights (only about a 25 dollar value but it looks cool lol)

none of the parts are over 6 months old except for the 160gb and 250gb hdd, they are about a year old
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  1. Best thing you can do is check Ebay and Craigslist for like systems.

    Regardless of what you think it's worth, if people are much lower you will have to compete to sell it.

    That or find a friend.

    Or price it part by part and see if it comes up to what you want.

    If I had to just stab at it, and know that this is for USED parts.

    Case: 50
    Motherboard: 50
    RAM: 100
    CPU: 75 (even though it has an unlocked 4th core, most customers won't understand the benefit, or even if they like the idea of it being "hacked." Meaning you are limiting your available customers to those that are savvy. Or market it as a simple x3 core and lower the CPU price to 50ish)
    2 Radeon 4870s: 200
    PSU: 1000W Hec: 50 for someone who knows a good brand, 100 for someone who doesnt.
    HDDs: 75-100(maybe)
    DVD: 5

    Adds up to 605-650.
    Like I said, what really matter's is the competition and the buyer's knowledge.

    But buyer's knowledge is a double edged sword, they'll recognize the unlocked/OC'd CPU as a good thing, but the Hec craptastic PSU as what it is. Kinda evens all out.
  2. Far better off upgrading it piece by piece than selling the old.

    <---Ex circuit city sales computer associate (computer department).
    My advice is either:
    A. Upgrade piece by piece.
    B. Sell it for $950 (personally its worth about $750 to me), if you catch a fish ( i refer customers as fish) hes gonna try to haggle it down to $900. Always sell something over $500 with a $50, thats what people are gonna try to haggle away.

    Feel free to throw it on Craigslist right now for $1000 see if you catch anything, you can always reduce the price, but its most certainly not worth $1000 used.

    And as the other guy suggested you have to be competitive (obviously), if someone has to sell his computer this week for rent, yours isnt going to sell until his is.
  3. i wouldn't sell if i were you. you have a good rig up there. just update vid card to 5850/5870 and upgrade prosser to phenom 955. that is a good rig. Only other option is to start new rig and do intel. but i personally don't think its worth it.
  4. Its no where near $1000, its used, and for $1000 someone can get a i7 system which is better, aka probably what your looking to get.

    $600 would be pushing it unless you are gonna warranty it for atleast 1 year parts and labor, which i seriously doubt.
  5. What it is worth is very relative, and people will have varying views.
    It is not worth a grand no matter how much you sugar coat it.
    I am saying $500-$600, on the high end. If you find anyone who will pay more...holy cow run with the check to bank and cash it (and cash it before you turn lose of the computer!)
    There are 2 problems with a system like this,
    1. It has been hot rodded. Contrary to what a lot of people think, this makes the system worth less, not more. Unless you can find some youngster who thinks it's all just "too cool" and gets mommy and daddy to fork over the money for it.
    2. It is a home made prebuilt system. No guarantees, no warranty.
  6. I never realized that because of the fact that it is used and that i "hot rodded" it that it would be worth so much less, i guess if i can find someone to buy it at that price i will but otherwise i will stick to upgrading. thanks for the input everyone
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