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I am having an odd sleep problem with my PC. 5-10% of the time when I put it to sleep, it won't wake up. Actually, I'm not sure it successfully made it to sleep.

BIOS is set to S3 sleep. Normally, when I put it to sleep, everything shuts off including case fans. It can sleep forever and wakes up no problem.

5-10% of the time, when I put it to sleep, the video signal cuts and the monitors go to sleep and the hard drives power down, but the case fans keep spinning. Then I cannot wake the machine up and am forced to cut power. If I wiggle the mouse, it never lights up. If I hit a key on the keyboard, it does light up, but does not bring the computer out of 'sleep' (not really sure what state it's in since the case fans are still spinning).

The motherboard has been recetly replaced so that is not the problem. I was actually having other power problems as well (sometimes machine wouldn't turn on), so I replaced the mobo and now this problem remains.

Right now I am forced to run the computer set to never sleep. I can power down the monitors and hard drives. But can't let the computer sleep or hybernate.

I think it's a hardware issue because of the intermittant occurances. Do you guys agree?


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  1. List full specs.

    My guess is it's a PSU issue.
  2. Had this problem too, before. I finally gave up on figuring out, cause windows logs don't tell you enough information.
    It's really not worth getting a headache over. :)

    Actually, after i changed mobo and reinstalled, the problem went away. :P
    What i do recommend and suspect though, that it has to do with some driver conflict, since hardware
    is properly configured as far as i can see. (wake up from s3, etc)
    If you can, reinstall your windows, i guarantee you the problem will go away! :D
  3. I'm thinking maybe power supply too. I just picked up a new one today and plan to try it out this weekend.
  4. I've looked at the event logs too and never seen anything unusual. I was planning to try installing Windows on a different hard drive and seeing if that solves the problem. Don't really want to zap my install unless I have too.

    As for detailed system specs, I am away from the computer this week so I'll post that up this weekend...check back!
  5. okay, so I noticed that my DVD-RW drive light flashed a bunch when my computer went to sleep. And one time when it had the not-wanting-to-wake up problem, I noted a lot more light flashing than usual. Got me thinking maybe my issues were related to the DVD drive. It's a brand new IDE drive that I bought like 3 months ago and has probably seen 10 minutes of operation. Also on the same IDE cable is an OLD hard drive. They attach to my mobo through it's one PATA port (6 SATA). I disconnected the cable from the mobo and pulled the power cables from the drives. It's been about a week and I've put the computer to sleep a few dozens times, and so far no problems. So I think that solved the problem. I'm only home on the weekends, though, and the wife used the computer during the week, so I haven't really had any time to figure out if the problem is with one of the drives, IDE cable, PATA port on mobo, power connectors on power supply, etc. In fact I'm still not 100% sure that the problem won't occur again. A few more weeks of flawless operation and I'll be convinced.
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