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Memory/Motherboard compatability

I'm planning on building a Sandy Bridge system with the i5 2500k and Asus p8p67 pro board, and I've noticed that some memory kits on Newegg say that they're designed specifically for i5/i7 systems, and some newer ones say designed for Sandy Bridge systems; then there are the kits that don't specify, like this one:

Would this RAM be ok with Sandy Bridge? And what benefits would RAM that is "designed for" P67 have?

Thanks for any help!

P.S. Also as a complete side-note, as a gamer and such, should I even go with Sandy Bridge or should I stick with i5 760?
The only reason I ask is that some people on forums have suggested that the currently released Sandy Bridges are not "enthusiast" chips but "mainstream" chips. But the overclocking potential and power management of Sandy Bridge make me quite enthusiastic... Thoughts? Again, thanks for any input!
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    I would go for sandy bridge, and get on down to a microcenter today at 11 am if you're in a hurry to build. The ram you linked should work fine. I use ripjaws 1600 with my i3.
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