WHS 2011 drive possibly bricked?

I had two Western Digital Caviar Green 2 TB drives in a Windows Home Server 2011 setup. The motherboard died a few weeks back, so I was going to use the two drives in other builds. The problem is Windows 7 will not show that they are installed; neither in My Computer nor in Administrative Tools. I have tried using the two drives internally, as well as in a USB/eSATA drive dock. When plugged in, the motor starts up, so I don't think they have been physically damaged. Did the failure of my WHS motherboard somehow brick the two drives?
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    Show in BIOS?
    Do not show in storage/disk management?
  2. Well the odd thing is one of the drives shows up in BIOS, but the other one does not. I switched to another port...and got nothing. After loading the drivers for the disk that shows up in BIOS it showed up in Windows, so that's good. I'm starting to think that the other one is dead, as it isn't showing up in Ubuntu, BIOS, WHS, or in 7.

    Also, thanks for the link. I completely missed that one.
  3. If not shown in bios correctly connected and controller enabled, usually dead.
  4. Thanks for your help. At least one drive is working now... Don't think I'll be going back to WHS for a long time.
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  6. And what does WHS have to do with a motherboard/hd failure?
  7. Well both drives were working fine before I put them in my WHS setup. I thought maybe the drives were harmed when my motherboard died but since one is working fine now and they were on the same controller, I don't think thats the case. Its nothing against WHS; I know many people who have used it without issue. Its just annoying when an issue like this rears its ugly head.
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