Wireless low or no connectivity

i have limited or no connectivity with network adapter and dns services failed
when i used the network diagnostic
what can I do, i have another computer working with the same router and I can be connected using wire connection, help please to solve the problem. also I have duplicate name exist on the network error
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  1. The duplicate name usually means you have two computers with the same name and if one is already connected to the network you will get the "duplicate name" message.
    To change the computer name do the following:
    Click on Start
    Click on Control Panel
    Click on Performance and Maintenance
    Click on System
    Click on the Computer Name tab
    Click on the Change button
    Enter a computer name (different from the name of the other computer)
    Click on OK
    You will need to click on OK again since you changed the name.
    You will be prompted to restart the computer - Click on OK

    To solve the limited or no connectivity problem you can disconnect from the network and reconnecting. If that doesn't do it then you can try to reset the network adapter.
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