My first network

I’m a newbie to networking and just got my first router (linksys WRT54GS) and decided to build my very one network :).

My plan is simple (dam I’m a filthy liar), have a LAN composed of:

- Windows XP workstation
- Windows XP workstation to be used as server too (yeah stupid I know but I’ll be extra careful)
- any other pc connected to the Ethernet ports
- properly authorized wireless connected computers

and in a hot spot kind of way I’d like to allow people to use my ftp/web server and limited internet access (limited in the sense of allowed IP they can go online) as the LAN is concerned, those clients would be just like PCs on the web (with a very fast connection :p).

Now the questions:
1) How do I separate the LAN from all the other people that might connect?
2) How will the people that connect be aware of the services I’m providing by just connecting?
3) Can the WRT54G handle this? As far has I can tell It would need a pretty advanced rule based firewall :\

Any help in figuring out how to do this is more then welcome as I have no clue :), I’m already starting to learn more about networking by searching the web and reading the post in the forum, but I’d like you guys to tell me if I can do this with what I have :)
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  1. Unless that router has some magical way of doing it I think you are going to need some more network hardware :)

    Usually a hotspot will have a completely separate internet connection from any other network, it just gives direct external access. There is always someone who wants to read your email, lol.
    Here is one way you could do it, there are probably better ways but this way should work ok.

    Router/hotspot wireless
    Router/Firewall/wireless for personal comps
    Your network
    (I could draw a more detailed pic and post it if you would like)

    People using the hotspot would then have internet access and can be granted access to only your ftp/webserv by the second router/firewall via port forwarding.
    For making people aware of the service you can do something like name the access point "free internet" or something :)

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  2. Well I’ve been researching around and I think I may have found just the thing... and there’s a version for my router, anyway I need to check it out better to see if it really is what I need...
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