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At the moment im trying to organise a 360 LAN and would like some info on the materials i will need i Know i need a Hub or switch but which is more appropriate i need an 8 port minimum and was wondering are the yellow ethernet cables that came with the 360 okay or do i have to purchase other different cables to connect the xboxes to the Hub/Switch
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  1. You'll definitely want to use a switch, NOT a hub. I don't even think they sell hubs anymore. They're considered obsolete.

    Your XBOX probably came w/ a standard Ethernet cable and should work just fine w/ any switch.

    Btw, most people use the integrated switch that comes w/ their wireless router to connect their XBOX. Esp. if you want to use the Live features. So your network configuration sounds incomplete. If it's your intention to connect the XBOX to *something*, it's unclear how focusing simply on the switch solves that problem.

    Anyway, a switch is what you need to establish a basic local network.
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