Weird connection problem, gaming, need pro help

i know what most of you are going to say: "don't game with wireless"

but, considering that I don't have an option to plug in, i need some serious help!!

When I play CoD:MW2, I have no issues with lag whatsoever. I'm a poor host, but other than that, my gameplay is perfectly smooth.

BUT, when I try to play SCII beta, or Warcraft III, I have serious lag issues. The lag is frequent, jagged, jerky gameplay, and ultimately a dropped game - i'd say >50% of the time. there are times when i play that the connection is fine... which makes me think that it is a router issue. but then, i don't understand why CoD:MW2 never has any lag issues at all.

additionally, my friends with laptops in the same house have no issues with lagging in games.

My wireless card is Gigabyte WP01GS, and i'm running windows 7 on a newer machine, radeon 5770, AMD Phenom II 955.

please - this is the weirdest problem i've encountered and I can't figure out where the issue is coming from.
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  1. oh - and this isn't an issue with wireless zero / WLAN autoconfig...

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