I have a HP Pavilion Entertainment PC and when i play games such as TF2 or even minecraft my laptop crashes after a while. And i Know its not a visus because i have (titainum Maxium security) done full scans on my laptop at least 5 times. they take 5 hours each time. the strange thing is that its only been happering the last 3 months or so. ITs getting worse because i was watching a youtube video today and my laptop just crashed. when my computer crashes its somrtimes a striped screen or blue or even green. some one please help
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  1. The first obvious question: does it overheat?
    Or, do you have to clean the dust out of your fan exhausts?
  2. how does your computer crash when your on your laptop gaming...?

    I hope you get the humor..
  3. ^ lol
  4. Its just Hp at its finest quality.
    Same thing happens to me, I have an hp entertainment laptop (dv7) it only crashes when its charging though. it works fine on battery. mine is out of warranty so ill just have to deal with it until i can go buy a desktop.

    good luck!! if yours is still under warranty, then call hp and tell them you need to get a new one or something.
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