Intel Raid Controller card and Onboard Raid, working in conjunction?

I recently bought the Intel Raid Card (SASMF8I) and windows home server.

Asus P5E X38
4gb ram
4x 2TB Raid 5 array.
1x 500GB Main Hdd for OS

I got WHS installed on the 500gb harddrive and everything works fine, it sees my current onboard raid. So then I go into the raid configuration utility for the raid card as the computer boots up and enable 2x 2tb harddrives that I have connectedt. Once I do that and reboot, it completely bypasses the onboard sata configuration and the intel raid screen for the onboard doesn't pop up any more. I go into the bios to check and to see if I can boot fromt he 500GB but it only sees the harddrives connected to the raid card.

What can I do to get both working? Or should I return the card and pick something else up?
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  1. Sure wish someone would answer your question... I have almost the exact same issue. Thanks!
  2. Update: Checked bios and Firmware.

    My BIOS is updated to the current one and I tried updating the firmware but I wasn't too sure since it wanted to me to use EFI in the BIOS. I went and put the card in a P8P67 mobo and tried doing what the instuctions said: go into bios, boot the usb with firmware file on it using the efi boot in bios; I wasn't to sure on what I was doing, and I tried a few things to get the thing to work and in the end I made no progress.

    I've been searching to see if anyone else has had the problem and I've found one other. He never got it working on the X38 platform and when he upgraded to the X58 platform, he could get the onboard working in conjunction with the raid card, so he could have two raid arrays going. While I was trying to update the firmware, I setup a raid 1 array with two harddrives on the card to see if it would work with the onboard controller, and it did! I could see both the onboard harddrives and the controller array so now, I'm just going to wait until I have money to get a new mobo/cpu/ram, in addition to the harddrives that I plan on using for the raid card.
  3. But I didn't have a raid array on the onboard when they both worked in conjunction. Which is fine since on my X38 platform it wouldn't even recognize the onboad once I got a raid array going on the card.
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