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I am getting a new pc soon.. i was wondering when ther Sabortooth 67 and asus maximus extreme IV boards will be out?
and which one would u recommend?
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  1. If I had to choose 'now' then the ASUS P8P67 PRO w/2600K or 2500K - and O-N-L-Y with a K series CPU.

    Intel is taking what I believe to be a Nazi approach to OC'ing. In a post that I will be rewriting today, I have conclusively confirmed that BCLK OC'ing is dead for any of the SB CPUs. Therefore, you have NO CHOICE but to get the K series CPU. In addition, IF you are running HIGH RESOLUTIONS then the x8/x8 PCIe will harm performance. Also, SB will not be offering 6-core CPUs that's only for the X68/X58.

    Some Mfg's like MSI and EVGA are adding secondary chipsets to allow x16/x16 PCIe, but there's no information on how well they perform. I would put serious thought into X58 with x16/x16 PCIe if you ever plan to SLI/CF high-end GPUs or high resolution.
  2. it would be the x78. 68 is reserved for the z68 chipset due out 2Q i believe.

    I like the asus deluxe 1155 version. Unless you want to do quad sli ???
  3. ^Take it up with WIKI the X68 'is' the next chipset and the socket is the LGA 2011 which name sucks - reminds me MS Office to make you feel like the machine is old 6 months later in 2012. Intel is getting Nazi.

    SLI/CF on multiple monitors is held back by 'current' GPUs and the problem will get worst over time with x8/x8 - as i mentioned 'hopefully' the x16/x16 'jerry-rigged' extra chipset will work to resolve this limitation.

    If you don't game or use multiple monitors then it won't matter - get the cheapest eMachine and enjoy.
  4. Ok well I don't know what an x68 is but I know the x78 is the next gen flag ship that will support six core and run on quad channel memory. The z68 will support onboard gpu and cpu overclocking support I think.
  5. The X68 is, the last time I checked, the replacement to the current 'flagship' X58.

    Checkout the link above and below. The X58 Chipset resides on the LGA 1366 'today' -replacement Q3 2011-> X68 Chipset that will reside on the LGA 2011 socket {e.g. i7 980X replacement}. Apparently, both the Servers and Desktop share the same socket, but I assume like now lacking the Quick Path Interface/QPI {multiple CPU support 2x}

    -- the new stuff Q3 2011--
    X68 -
    LGA 2011 -
    CPU 6 (12) & 8 (16) Core -
  6. See answers in thisthread

    But I'm holding out for the Sabertooth
  7. ^Apples {P67} to the Oranges {X68} questions to Pumpkins {ETA}.

    And the real question is the ETA on the ASUS Maximus IV Extreme, and Sabertooth P67. I'd like the ASUS Maximus IV Extreme but read ->
    This is the 'jerry-rigged' ASUS similar to the EVGA P67 Classified.

    {Intel P67 Express chipset and NVIDIA NF200 bridge onboard}
    Jerry-rigged results -> "We did encounter a random full system lock-up, and nearly the impossible: a BSOD when disabling CrossFire in the Catalyst Control Center. Wow."

    That sucks!
  8. xxsk8er101xx said:
    it would be the x78. 68 is reserved for the z68 chipset due out 2Q i believe.

    I like the asus deluxe 1155 version. Unless you want to do quad sli ???

    well i wouldnt have money for quad sli, but yeah i was going to go with the 1155 asus deluxe/67, here where i am in aus, they havent got the sabortooth or maximus IV out yet, and the deluxe edition looks the best one available for me atm, im buying a new comp in feb for skool and such, i just want the best one i can afford possible.

    thanks for the tips fellas
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