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What Do I need to set up a duel monitor on my work computer? I have a Intel Core 2 Duo CPU E7400 @ 2.80 GHz 2.79GHz , 198GB of Ram. Windows XP Professional 2002 service pack 3. It's not for anything other than work so I don't need anything for gaming etc.
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  1. All you need is to have 2 display outputs. Your PC may already have that, but if it doesn't, all you need is an inexpensive graphics card that has a couple of outputs.
  2. The computer doesn't have 2 display outputs. Will any graphics card work? Is it possible to send me a link to an inexpensive one to use. THANKS!
  3. It is a desktop right? I assume you have an open PCI-E slot (if not you can use a PCI slot card as well).
    That should get you what you need as long as you have an open PCI-E slot.
    If you need PCI, it'll be a little more, but hopefully you won't need that.
  4. flyinfinni,

    thank you.
  5. Duelling monitors is not a good idea, it means one of them will have to die.

    Oh that was bad wasn't it.
  6. No problem.
    strangestranger- lol, that was horrible, but it made me chuckle:-)
  7. Get an ATI 5xxx card.

    The only advantage to the faster 5000 series right now is for games, however we'll see added support for using the graphics card in other applications in the future. Considering prices will drop (a lot) I wouldn't spend too much.

    So any 5xxx card. I'd spend about $80. You may get by with a passively cooled card but I recommend a fan.

    198GB of RAM? Really? (maybe 2GB?)

    I'm not sure about drivers for that version of Windows. You should go to the ATI site and confirm driver support for multiple monitors.
  8. If the OP just wants to run 2 monitors, a 5000 series card is not necessary. If he's going to be pushing some heavy stuff, then yeah, but for now for basic desktop use, theres no reason to spend a lot on a powerful card, and which series really doesn't matter for that type of application.
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