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My friend recently built a new computer for SC2. He is experiencing lag issues whenever he watches replays. However, normal gameplay is perfect. Everything is set at ultra settings on 1900 x 1080 reso.

ATI HD 5770
G. Skill 4GB 1333 ram
NZXT Tempest EVO
Super Talent 32GB SSD
WD 640 HDD
Ultra 650w PSU
Windows 7

What could the possible issues be? Is the 5770 not good enough?
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  1. Ready for the Best Answer?

    It's beta.

  2. See the thing is he told me he doesn't know of anyone else who encounters the same problems when watching replays. I thought that might have been a possibility as well.

    Does anyone here play SC2? Could you try watching your replays?
  3. It's a beta, this is part of the beta process. What you should be doing is reporting the lag in the SC2 beta forums. It is most likely a driver conflict between SC2 and the 5770 and CCC.
  4. If not that, it could be his HDD. If the replays are saved on the Hard Drive, he is accessing the hard drive to replay the data. If the HDD is slow(5400 RPM) or near full, there will be some slow down when accessing the save.

    But this also depends on the format of the saved file, and the in game replay player software.

    All I'm saying is, I think it's a Blizzard issue with their fresh beta, not a your friend's rig issue.
  5. I am also having this issue with the 5770. Something is wrong with the release version too. high or low settings doesnt help. installed on and ssd and on an platter drive and neither make a difference.
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