Combo of ddr2 and ddr3 ?

ok i have a ecs g41 wich support both ddr2 and ddr3 memory .
ok so here is the deal i have one 2gb ddr2 ram stick , still have 3 more slots available can i put a 2gb ddr3 with the 2gb ddr2 ram would it be good or it will be worse ??? :D
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  1. ok firstable no its not mine and am sure that it support both because its written on the box !! i can upload u a pic which prov that
    there are two slots for ddr2 and 2 slots of ddr3 actually that makes them 4 !!
    can i put ddr3 in the second dual slot ??? replay i getting one tonight !!
  2. "its written"
    dual channal ddr3 1333 oc
    dual channal ddr2 800
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  4. ok thnx man so i should go with ddr3
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