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I have two internet connections. I had load balancing setup and that was working great. But our payroll software does not support it. so now I have one connection that handles our VPN's and exchange mail. and the other connection handles remote desktop from home, and Smart phones. this connection has a public IP address. if I break the two connections onto two routers one or the other works. but not both. any ideas?
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  1. Sounds like your ISP only provides you w/ a single public IP (which is normal and why we use routers to share that single connection among multiple machines). If you want to establish a second public IP (for the second router), you'll need to make that request to your ISP ($$$). If you want to increase your bandwidth (not just add another public IP), you’ll also need a second cable/dsl modem (maybe even drop another line between the home/office and the ISP’s network).
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