Issues with 2x5970s in quadfire

I'm running 2x5970s configured in quadfire with an i7 975 @ 3.33 GHz and 12 GB of 1333 MHz RAM on Windows 7 64bit. When I run metro at maxed detail with DX11 options enabled, I'm getting less than 20 FPS. Obviously, I should be getting much more than that based on benchmark scores and other people with similar setups. I have CrossfireX enabled and have Catalyst 10.3. Basically I have every indication that it's working like it should, but the performance isn't there. Any ideas?
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  1. How's your performance in other games? What your power supply?
  2. Hard to say. I just got the system and the only other game I have is ArmA II. I'm running it with crossfire disabled since it's incompatible with quadfire and it runs fine that way. 1 kW power supply. It's running on a factory installed liquid cooling system, but could temp be the issue?
  3. I'm looking at benchmarks for Metro 2033 and it shows that the HD5970 struggles mightily at highest settings. If you're running 4xMSAA and not AAA, the HD5970 struggles yielding any sort of numbers:,2585-12.html

    Try running the game with AAA instead and see what happens.
  4. the other thing I would do is try running GPU-Z when you are gaming to watch your actually GPU utilization. If only one card is being utilized, then Crossfire isn't working right :-) Might be worth trying it running just one of the cards as well to see if its just a hitch trying to run quadfire.
  5. I'm running AAA already. The benchmarks explain things perfectly if it's just one card, so that's making me think maybe it's a quadfire issue. I'll run GPU-Z and get back to you. Thanks!
  6. GPU-Z shows all 4 GPUs enabled, but it looks like only 2 of them are actively running the game. Their load is around 98% and the others sit around 0-1%. So it looks like a quadfire issue. Anybody run into this before?
  7. Are both the GPUs that are being utilized from the same card? If they are, then you are just seeing that crossfire is not actually running, and you are running a single card. Have you verified that crossfire is actually running in other games?
  8. Any way to tell in GPU-Z which card the GPU is on? It just lists mine as four 5970s. 3 of them are showing crossfire enabled, 4 GPUs, but one says disabled. Not sure if that's the primary GPU and it's supposed to do that or if it's a problem. I'll check another game and see what happens.
  9. umm yeah... I'm thinking you might actually have a problem with one of the GPU's if its disabled... you should be running all 4 and all of them should be enabled AND loaded. If you've only got 2 loaded then something is not running right, and if one says disabled, then there is DEFINITELY something not right.
  10. Just checked it with ArmA II and even with crossfire X enabled in CCC it only showed 25% load on 1 GPU. No idea what's going on...
  11. Update: Just ran 3dMark Vantage

    Graphics Scores
    CrossfireX disabled: 23851
    CrossfireX enabled: 34173

    I think that rules out hardware failure on the second card. That second score actually beats the 3dMark score from the guru of 3D by about 2000.

    Right now I'm thinking it's almost for sure a driver/game issue. Thoughts?
  12. Game probably lacks a CF profile. Makes sense; Metro2033 is a NVIDIA favoring game.
  13. I talked to ATI tech support and they told me it should already be fully supported without a CF profile, but most of what they told me was pretty useless. I'll hold out for the CF profile and see if that helps.
  14. Read this review on Metro and graphics. May give you some insight.
  15. gamerk316 said:
    Game probably lacks a CF profile. Makes sense; Metro2033 is a NVIDIA favoring game.

    Yeah thats probably why my performance is not the best with my 5870 when everything is cranked up in Metro! Im getting alot of screen tearing too and forced vsync doesnt work.
  16. Doesn't look like a hardware issue, but it sure doesn't seem to be using both cards effectively. Even if it should be supported without an Xfire profile, a profile will probably help.
  17. Found a temporary solution from someone else with a similar problem. If I boot 3D Mark w/ CFX enabled, let it run a couple seconds, quit, and then start a game like Metro that supports quadfire, I get a massive performance boost. Apparently that's how I have to activate the second card... Weird, but I can put up with it for awhile until there's a fix. Still stumbles a bit in really advanced lighting/particle situations, but that doesn't surprise me. Should get better with a CF profile.
  18. Download Dirt 2 demo, its a dx 11 game. You can check out the performance with that, VS some reviews.
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