Does anyone play the sims 3 on an acer aspire 4315????

can I upgrade my acer aspire 4315 to meet the sims 3 requirements?
computer information:windows vista home basic Intel celeron processor 530 (1.73 GHz)memory:502 MB RAM.(I know I need a new video card) please help I don't know much about computers.thank you
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  1. you can upgrade your processor and add more memory but i'm afraid with that laptop you CANNOT upgrade your graphics.
  2. For a laptop, any upgrade other than RAM, storage or a new battery, is not recommended, since you end up doing more harm than good.
  3. I'm afraid you only have two choices:

    1. Give up playing the Sims 3.

    2. Buy a new laptop that does not have integrate Intel graphics.
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