No sound in the front audio panel of the pc

I have got the Gigabyte H55M-S2V motherboard with intel core i3 and a windows 7. i'm having trouble connecting the front audio panel of the casing with the motherboard. I've read the manual and connected to a port named "F_audio" or something like that, but still there's no sound in the front panel. it's really annoying to connect my microphone/headphone everytime at the back of the casing. is there anything i need to change in the control panel? I've upgraded my pc couple of weeks ago and it's been a pain in the ***... :fou:

any help would be appreciated... :)

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  1. You motherboard F-Audio is HD, you will have to use the HD connector from the chassis Front Panel. If you have only one Front Panel connector, it is likely to be AC97 and not HD.
  2. thanks for the reply.
    I've solved the problem yesterday. i just had to check mark the "Disable front panel jack detection" in the audio software... i dont know but that worked.
    I assume mine is AC'97. HD is default in BIOS... So i had to change that too.
  3. Thanks for your posts. :D
    I have the same problem of you.
    After i check mark the "Disable front panel jack detection" , F_audio is work now. :love:
    The question is, why mark "Disable front panel jack detection" the then have sound.
    IT have some wrong of "Disable".Should be change to Enable :lol:
  4. Brothers, i'm from 2013, using H77 D3H motheboard. Thank you all for the help. They still dont resolve this translation mistake. Add on yourself: needed checkbox placed in HD VDeck utility (Settings)
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