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Hello power supply gurus

i need to put a L375P00 (375w Dell PSU) into a system for diagnosis purposes

the system is;
m4a79xtd evo (790x)
ddr3 ram 1333 2gb (2x1dimm)
HIS 5770 1gb
Phenom II x4 955
stock cooler
stock clocks
1 250GB HDD
windows vista 32
no CD/DVD drive
some fans..

specs for PSU are - from the label on side of PSU since i couldn't find them on dells site or anywhere else online -;

375 watts..
+12VA = 18a MAX
+12VB = 18a MAX
-12 = 1a MAX
+5(FP) = 2a MAX
+5 = 22a MAX
+3.3 = 17a MAX

''3.3v & 5v must be < 150w''
''+12va & +12vb must be <360w''
''Max continuous DC output.. 375w''

...I know the dell is kinda crappy but will it have any chance of powering this system?

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  1. easily, the dell PSU is solid and that 375w unit has been used to power GTS250 and ATI 4850, both draw more power then the 5770.
  2. Good news... thanks man.
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