ATI- Sapphire, Msi?

Hey everyone

I am trying to chose parts for a computer. I don't really know much about them. Right now I am looking at the Graphics Cards and I am wondering why I cant find any ATI cards in . For example this:

I see names like MSI or Sapphire. Who are these?What is better?
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  1. Both are good but Sapphire is the leading manufacturer for ATI cards another manufacturer to look for is XFX that offers the best warranty
  2. MSI and Sapphire are manufactures that make and sell ATI Video cards. ATI designs and makes the GPUs and then they have AIB partners that actually build the boards and sell them. So a Sapphire radeon is an ATI card. This is actually how pretty much all of the video cards are done now.

    The particular AIB partners just generally do different cooling solutions or overclocking and things like that. Sapphire is a good one, MSI is OK, but better with Motherboards. XFX is really good as well, and has some great warranty support.
  3. Sapphire has their two cooling designs, Vapor-X and TOXIC.
    MSI does military-grade components, and twin-fan cooling. They also do a CYCLONE. Also good overclocking program (MSI Afterburner).
    XFX cards look cool and have good warranty.
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