How good is this psu

here its the silverstone op1200 4 6pin 2 8 pin single rail

i know its not fully modular but its only 230 so for that price how is the brand and how do they last or are there any good at all.
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  1. Hello blablacentral;

    There don't seem to be many reviews available for that PSU.
    I did find a useful review for the 1000W model and if the 1000W and 1200W models are similar in quality it's probably a good choice.

    Silverstone OP1000-P 1000W review @ JonnyGuru
  2. For that price, you can get a Corsait HX 1000 Watt PSU which is certainly excellent.. BTW, are you sure you need this much power..!!..??
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