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Hi, I am trying to install an Asus motherboard P5QL-CM in my Acer desktop but find the original micro-ATX board had a heatsink and fan installed by spring loaded screws whereas the manual for this one advises using fasteners. Is this mandatory or can I transfer the screw mechanism over to this board.
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  1. You probably have a metal plate for the spring loaded screws under the motherboard. These are attached with tape, but you must pry the plate off gently or you will scratch the board. If you get this metal bracket off, then use a tiny piece of mounting tape (sticky on both sides) to install the bracket on the asus board and reuse the heatsink.
  2. Thanks o1die, that is very useful. I will have a go.
  3. If most of the original tape stays on the bracket when you remove it, then you should be able to reuse it. It will still be sticky enough to reuse on the asus board.
  4. Cheers, thats what I wanted to know before I dived into it!! It makes life so much easier :)
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