GTX260 second DVI flickers

Hi there I have an nvidia GTX260 graphics well the problem is when i use the 1st DVI port it displays fine but when I use the second DVI port the screen flickers it like on and off I went to were I bought it then those guys tested it it was working I mean both dvi ports were working they were using an ECS Black edition motherboard and a 22 inch Benq monitor i did not check the rest of the specs, i think the problem is my motherboard or PSU but am not sure cause I am using ASRock G31M-S and my powersupply is 470W gigabyte, the monitor is Samsung T260 26inch display I am connecting them via dual-link dvi cable, please help guys...
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  1. Are you using two monitors? 'cause if you arent then you dont need the second port, unless its for 3d games... Try cleaning the port with compressed air, maybe that will help, sometimes they are just finicky. Maybe your monitor doesnt like that port or something. (don't ask) Happened with me too. solved though,
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