How to clean up my D Drive on Windows XP

I took my computer to be repaired. They gave me another computer with xp and a good c drive and installed my old 80 gig as the d drive. It used to be my c drive. They told me I can throw out anything I want in my D drive. I am afraid to do this because on some things, I get an "access denied" warning. There are a lot of pics and music I want to keep on this D drive. But there are files that used to operate as a c drive like a windows file, program file, winnT and documents and settings. I already threw some of this stuff away but tonight I was putting things I didn't want to keep in the trash and found Adobe and some microsoft installers and stuff that have the access denied warning when I tried to throw them in the trash. Scarey! Now I don't really know what to do. I don't even dare empty the trash bin and it is now full of stuff I don't want. When I told the guy at the repair shop about this he just said, "Throw it out!" I guess he was upset because I bothered him and because I need a second opinion. Can you help me with this? Everything still seems to be working ok on both drives. I'm just not sure about this task. Linda
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  1. 1. install ''ccleaner'' free software
    2. open that software
    3. go - option
    4. In wipe free space driver you have to change location click the box 'D' only
    5. after that click above cleaner tool
    6. click analyse
    7. 100% completed it will show
    8. click Runcleaner
    9.again click Runcleaner
    10. then close..thats all..easy enjoy..
  2. Thank you so very much... The info and the clean driver are much appreciated!
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