Which is best?

cm 690II advanced or cm storm scout??
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  1. the scout seems to be better for lan parties with its handle, if you are into that sort of thing

    the CM 6900II looks to have room for more side fans and one more fan up top, if you are into that sort of thing

    the CM690II is the better case but i kind of like the look of the scout better
  2. I'd vote for the CM 690 II advanced.. It has a better feature set and enough fans to keep the i7 system cool even when overclocked.. The only reason you'd want the scout would be the transparent side panel IMO..
  3. The CM690 II is a beast case. I highly recommend it over the Storm Scout.
  4. I have the Scout and am looking to UPGRADE to the 690II Adv. In my opinion, other than the handle, the Scout has nothing that compares to the 690II Adv, feature wise. If a clear side panel is what you want, CM already released one for the 690II (~ $25 USD). The Scout's window isn't all that great, anyway, it gets noisy once you mount fans to it.
  5. thanks all of u guys
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