I5-760 stock voltage too high?

Hello,i have a HP Pavilion 410t with the MS-7613 motherboard and when i check the cpu voltage with cpu-z its says its 1.68, is that too high?
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    Cpuz is having a problem reading your board. Do you have the latest version of cpuz? In any case, I would try another version or a different monitoring software. Your voltage should be 1.0-1.1 volts. If you don't have any symptoms or problems with your system, I would not worry about it. Not all software is accurate for all motherboards. Don't open the case or fiddle with your board; this may void the warranty.
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  3. what other monitoring software is their to see what your voltage is because my bios doesnt tell me?
  4. I would remove your current cpuz version and try another older one, or everest. And stop worrying about the voltage. It's not adjustable with an hp board; you're covered under warranty as long as you don't fiddle with it.
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