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I have this motherboard


and this processor


I did the normal way recommended to unlock, the bios even shows it as a Phenom II x4 afterwards and then my computer either freezes at the loading logo for windows or goes to a black screen, this is on WINXP and Win7, is it my operating systems having issues or is the core just that defective? Anyone else have this issue and fixed it? If it is just a defective core then oh well I didn't buy it to have a 4th core just thought Id see if I could activate it as a bonus.
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  1. Ye, ill invest my money into a better cooler, stock keeps it decent (under 35c usually) but most likely not over-clocked. Ive just never overclocked anything which is what makes me worried.
  2. Was there a huge difference in preformance?
  3. On stock cooling would I be able to get it to 3ghz at a stable tempature?
  4. jasonpwns said:
    On stock cooling would I be able to get it to 3ghz at a stable tempature?

    For sure. In my experience, I've been able to obtain a 20% overclock on AMD processors without an increase in voltage by increasing the FSB. So 11% should be easy. I can't guarantee it 100% of course, but I can say that it is at least 95% that you can do it.
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