CENTURION 534: What GPU can it fit?


Excuse the moronic captions and the messy cables, but anyway...

if you freeze the vid around 0:02 into the vid, you can see the GTX 260's barely having any space away from the cage...

i think gtx 260 is 10.5 inches,

soooo.... will an 11 incher like the HD 5870 fit?

of course my case will never fit the monster 5970, let alone the PPU for that ( i have 550w OCZ Fatal1y)

but, can it fit 11 inchers?
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  1. Probably not, but it's close. You could do some surgery and remove that middle cage... would have to attach the bottom cage somehow and it would be messy.
  2. really? there's only like a half inch between gtx 260 and hdd cage. I say 5870 might BARELY fit in...

    Why do they make GPU so stupidly big?
  3. They are constrained height-wise by the ATX spec, so the only option they have is to make it longer.

    You should be able to figure out exactly how much room you have with a ruler. I see that this non-standard MSI card is 277mm, or 10.9 inches.

    Be sure to get a card with the electrical sockets on top.
  4. That one is good, it shaves off precious o.1 inches, any other interesting non-reference cards? especially those that shortens the card!

    WTF is up with the stupid red vents at the end of the reference card?
  5. What was the final conclusion of this discussion? Can a CoolerMaster Centurion fit an (11"?) 5870 sized card? Or only if modding is done to the case?
    Does anyone have first-hand "yay" or "nay" experience of trying? Or is it clearly simply not possible (without modifying the case/cage of course)?
    I assume that a 5850 will fit? Or is that a poor assumption too?
  6. ^Please Do NOT bring up dead posts
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