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I am currently working on getting data off a drive, which seems to have some bad sectors. The drive has two NTFS partitions, one of which I am able to read/write from/to. The second partition, which contains the data i want to recover, suddenly became inaccessible, and now shows up as a RAW-Partition.

I have tried a couple of recovery solutions, but they seem to run extremely slow (one even locked up at 0% after 4 hours). I am pretty stuck on what to try next, and am therefore seeking advice on how to proceed. Any suggestions?
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  1. Things you can try:

    Run CHKDSK. CHKDSK will run through the drive looking for damage/invalid sectors. It may be able to restore some functionality, but it isn't a miracle-worker.

    Download and Run SpinRite. SpinRite functions very similarly to CHKDSK but it is much more thorough. It deep scans the drives sectors and can even cordon off damaged sectors so the drive won't attempt to write there anymore.

    Both of these tools were able to bring a "failed" hard drive of mine back to life. I've been using it as an external drive for several years now and have had little in the way of issues besides the occasional corrupt file.
  2. Thanks for the reply Xenturion!
    Tried CHKDSK several times without luck, it seems to fail randomly at step 1 and sometimes step 2 - will try to run it once more. It might be worth mentioning that i have no plans to further use the hard drive - I just want the files. As far as SpinRite goes, I haven't tried it - not even heard of it - will read further into it. Other suggestions are welcome as well :)
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