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I was wondering, the ASRock 870 Extreme 3 supports CrossFire (the second PCI-E x16 works at x8) , but it uses the 870 Chip, which has only 22 PCI lanes, compared to the 890FX's 38. Will this Mobo CrossFire alright?

I mean, is it worth it to CrossFire this Mobo in the future, because in my country the Inno3D/ECS GTX 460 and the Sapphire 6850 cost the same ( I thin the GTX 460 is a bit better, correct me if I'm wrong).

Also what do you think about this Mobo, I like it because of the: USB 3, the Core Unlocking and the Clear CMOS button.

Any significant cons ?

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  1. It supports CF at x8 x8
    HD6850 and GTX460 1GB are pretty equal in performance but the GTX supposedly overclocks better.
  2. Yeah, thats what I mean't, so do you think it could CrossFire, or x8 and the 870 Chipset will hold it back.

    I have read exatly the same and thats why I would prefer a GTX 460.

    By the way, do you think that a Cooler Master GX 550W could power a X3 445, GTX 460, 1HDD, 2x2GB DDR3 RAM and OC of the CPU and GPU, just don't want to make a new thread for now.

    Before you start reccomending Corsair, etc. you should know, that in my country, they are too expensive. Best I could do is a CM SilentPro 500W.

    Thanks roli59 !
  3. The GX550 or Silent pro 500 will have no problem with a single card setup with the rest of your specs. Use the PSU with more power on the +12 volt rail.
  4. OK, thanks, the GX 550 has 44A at the 12+ which I think should be plenty :)
  5. More than enough!
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