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TLDR: Phone and external drive connected to windows 7 machine and windows can't find the driver for external hard drive after installing phone drivers.

So, I have 5 USB devices. 1 MX518 Mouse. 1 Saitek Cyborg Keyboard. 1 Extra port on the Cyborg keyboard. 1 External SATA drive. and 1 Rosewill webcam. Here's my problem.

I recently got a Samsung Captivate from ATT. After plugging it in to my computer I noticed my external drive crashed (I thought). So I ignored it while I rooted and flashed my phone. Afterwards, I found out that I was unable to connect to my hard drive anymore. I would unplug the phone, reboot, plug in the external into different ports, nothing. Windows kept saying it was an unknown device. When 10 minutes earlier, it worked flawless. So, I reinstalled windows.

After reinstalling, same problem. Keep in mind I did plug my phone in. I've gone through and uninstalled all the usb controllers and then doing a scan for hardware changes and still comes up unknown device. I've kept my phone unplugged while uninstalling and scanning.

Originally, I could see everything on the drive, but I couldn't use any of it. Now, it's gone and I can't see it at all. I've tried plugging my phone in, uninstalling all of the drivers. Unplugging it and scanning. Still nothing, I get "unknown device" and windows saying it cannot install the drivers for this device. I've swapped ports, i've unplugged everything but the mouse and the external and still windows can't find it but only AFTER I plug in my phone. Sick of screwing around with this. Need real help. I want to actually plug my phone in to charge it while I work and easilly access everything on it while it's charging.
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  1. If while the external drive is pluged in you go to disk management you should see all the storage devices that are connected to the computer. If the external shows up there you can see if the condition of it is healthy or not and you can reinitialize the drive. What do you have on the extrenal drive , can you format and repartition it. Can you do a firmware update , did the drive come with drivers , just taking shots here to see if something clicks.
  2. There were no drivers with the drive, I can't see it in disk management. And I can't upgrade the firmware. I don't think it's the drive that doesn't work since it works fine up until the point I plug my phone in. Thats when everything go whack and all of a sudden it can't install the correct drivers for it.
  3. So now at this point the drive works until you plug your phone in? There is definatly a conflict there between the drive and the phone. Can you go into action center and start the trouble shooter and see if it comes up with something.
  4. The drive is in an external case correct? Can it be taken out and connected to the internal sata connection?
  5. Tried troubleshooting. All it came up with was that there was an "unknown device" No... Really? I already knew that. Lol. And yeah, I am sure that if I take it out and use an internal SATA connection that it will work, I would just like to figure out if there would be anyway to fix the USB driver or something. Or if anyone else has had this kind of problem. If anything, I will just hook up the external internally and go with that.
  6. Is it a matter of convienence or is there a reason to connect by usb , do you connect this to another computer or do you not have room inside. I would like to know if you can connect this by e-sata and still have it external only because I think that e-sata is faster than usb on file transfers and usage. It is a strange situation and I don't know if a solution is possible given that the usb ports do work and it just seems to be this device has a conflict with your phone.
  7. Yeah, it just seems like it's a driver issue when my phones mass storage device drivers are loaded, it's strange. The only reason it's external and USB is because I got it from a friend like that. I'll either pick up a cable for e-sata or just throw it into my machine. Thanks inzone for the help.
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