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Hi All,

I am looking at purchasing a used Intel Core 2 Extreme Quad Core QX9650. I am wondering if it is compatible with my Gateway e6300 which currentky has a P4 3.4ghz. I would apprecieate your feedback and whether it would be worth the upgrade(assuming it is compatible).

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  1. Hello pcnut97;

    It's not looking too good for that Intel 915 chipset motherboard. I couldnt find the specific D915GSN CPU support list but the other 915 chipset motherboard I checked didnt include C2D CPUs.
  2. Hello,

    Thank you for the advice and links you posted. I am assuming that after looking at the links you provided that my system won't support and core 2 processors at all. Just P4's and Celerons. Would a Pentium D work instead or is it unsupported in it as well?


    Alex D
  3. It sure looks like the dual core Pentium 4 6xx like the P4 660 3.6GHz should be supported.
    In cases like this you're probably better off trying to find some Gateway support forums and finding out what other e6300 owners are successfully using for upgrades.
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    And it's the *single core* P4 6xx that are supported. Not the Pentium D CPUs I was thinking about.
    Sorry, looks like there isn't a good upgrade option for the 915 chipset motherboards.
  5. Thanks for the information. I guess I am stuck with my current cpu for a while. I really appreciate all of your advice.

  6. Nah. TOOO old chipset to consider an upgrade. And BTW, if you don't have the money now, in the future build a completely new PC. LGA775 is a dead socket for upgrade.
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