Old computer....which component gone bad?

Hello i have an old HP pavilion 762n. My computer won't play games that it used to be able to play fine. Combat flight sim 2 which has very low min. system requirements. It has been like this for a while a few years ago i was playing WoW, and i had to have everything on lowest and still got horrible frame rates. Also i cant watch anything hd (CPU usage 100%) on this computer it just studders to much (ie you tube, streams from full episodes shows such as lost from ABC's website).

I've upgraded my system from its original specs so here is everyything
P4 2.26 Ghz/533Mhz bus
1 gig ddr ram
radeon 9600 256 MB agp x4

I was thinking if you guys had a test i could run or something to see whats wrong. just wondering if i could replace the CPU or something and all would be OK. i was thinking its burnt out or something i dunno.

p.s. sorry if this is in the wrong section
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  1. First, download HWmonitor and check your idle and load temperatures of you CPU and GPU. Just for now, taking the temperatures while gaming should do fine. If there is a problem with them, I'll take you through some possible solutions.

    Second, Try reinstalling your operating system. A complete format and reinstall. If the above didn't help, this problem is not hardware related.
  2. i'll download that tommorw and post. As for the reinstalling os i have done that a few times since i've noticed this slow down and it didnt change anything.
  3. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v235/MRV16/zzzz.jpg here a screen of it open while im trying to watch hd i'll do gaming tmmrw
  4. Hey man, i could be wrong but the high temps are quite possibly due to PMW1 fan not going above 16% despite high 'TMPIN1' readings (CPU TEMP?) This would be especially true were PMW1 turn out to be your CPU fan.

    Again, i could be wrong, but the symptoms you described could be attributed a bad / failing RAM module.

    You can confirm/eliminate this by running 'memtest86' boot time memory test and letting it run (the longer the better, overnight is ideal)
  5. When you do a fresh install of Windows do you have teh same problems as soon as it loads up or does it start to happen after you have installed some stuff.

    As for WoW your PC meets the min specs required but never go by these, min specs more or less means it will work at these specs but not very good.

    WoW can use upto 1.5gig of RAM so it will prob eat your 1gb up easy.
  6. well i always install the drivers an stuff first an after that its the same as it is now. and how do i run the memtest?
  7. I figured out how to get memtest going and so far its been about hour an 45 mins and has 0 errors. its still going.
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